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Advantages of the Deep Master carbon fiber fins:

1. The blades of Deep Master fins are made of carbon fiber because this material turns the most of the physical work of the swimmer to speed of his movements in the water.

2. Deep Master fins are made of high strength and high modulus carbon fiber. This combination allows to reach the maximal elasticity at a relatively meager thickness of the fin blade.

3. Using the unidirectional carbon fiber we can exactly define the physical and mechanical characteristics of the blades as the blade works mainly in bending and much less in other directions. And curved carbon fiber in the braided fabric works on the order of magnitude worse than perfectly smooth fiber does in the unidirectional fabric.

4. The unidirectional fibers are stacked for the perception of torsional loading in the new Deep Master fins' blades. It appears with a sudden maneuver of the swimmer or malfunction of the foot. This innovation made fins' movements more stable during any maneuvers.

5. Production of polymer with no air inside (it is evident from the perfectly smooth surface, but not on the surface of a conventional plastic) is reached by using of an autoclave technology. It decreases the weight of a detail maintaining its strength. Low weight and high strength of Deep Master products make them the best products on the market.

6. And one of the main advantages. In order all stacked carbon fiber layers saved their direction instead of being blurred (as it happens using low viscosity epoxy resin) we use the binder that melts only at 80 degrees Celsius when fibers are clamped in the snap of an autoclave under pressure. This technology provides extremely high strength values and low water absorption for the gear.


Deep Master blades are made with different stiffness levels what provides a wide choice for each weight class of divers and conditions of use. After a large number of tests, we have provided ideal accommodation of blades without changing their general position, which resulted in equally high energy transmission values for each level
of stiffness.


Deep Master blades are made of know-how technology, so that even without a guide they will work absolutely correctly, what differs them from all the other blades. In our case the guides are needed only to protect the side edges of the blades. That is why the main task was to find the most durable rails for the Deep Master blades, which would not reduce the energy transfer of the blades and it was successfully reached.